Customers choose Alarm Communications Center and stay with us because we are committed to setting up the right commercial security system for your business, the right way.

You can trust ACC to develop a commercial security system to secure your company now and to accommodate your growth in the future with upgrades or fixes.

Commercial Security Systems Columbia MO

Supplying Commercial Security Systems Since 1969

ACC may not be a national chain, but we’re certainly not a new face in the local commercial security market. The ACC team is experienced in designing commercial security systems for small to large businesses, by providing tailored systems that account for the unique needs of your business.


Our systems can be retrofitted to accommodate your existing workspace. Which means we can install a customized security system in your building even if you’ve been in it since 1969.

ACC is experienced with running the appropriate cables, mounting devices and customizing a commercial security system that will fit with your existing building.


ACC offers monitoring contracts on a month to month basis. We don’t feel the need to tie you into a long term contract in an effort to maintain your business. We figure if you like our services, you’ll keep them, and we’ll do everything we can to help you feel comfortable in your business and with your commercial security systems.


  • Immediate alert notifications
  • Control the commercial security system remotely
  • Accessible from computer or smartphone
  • Control security, door locks and more
  • Access cameras remotely and view video


ACC’s Security Solutions


Commercial Security Systems Columbia MO


ACC cares about the safety of your property and your employees.  By installing intrusion systems, we can protect your business against break-ins that put your assets, employees and property at risk.

Stealing your valuables isn’t always the only intention intruders have; damaging your space can happen in the process. Many times, vandalism costs more to business owners than the items that are stolen. Let ACC put a system in place to prevent costly repairs.

Although many break-ins occur when nobody is around, people often forget that robberies can happen when someone is working late in the office. While an intruder may be there just to steal something, there’s always the possibility for a confrontation between the bad guy and your employee. Our alarms are there to warn you to get to a safe place if an intrusion does occur.

ACC’s intrusion systems also help keep track of who was the last person in or out of the building, and who has armed or disarmed the alarm. These reports hold employees responsible for setting the alarm to protect the vicinity.

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Video Surveillance

What you don’t know can put your business at risk.

We’ve heard it all, from employees stealing company cash to intruders breaking and entering, which is why we understand the importance of knowing who’s coming and going on your commercial property.

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Commercial Security Systems Columbia MO

Access Control

Avoid the wrong people gaining access to your property.

When employees use regular keys to access your building, there’s no way you can really know who’s coming and going. Regular keys can easily be duplicated and land in the wrong hands, leading to big problems in buildings that serve more than one purpose.

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Commercial Security Systems Columbia MO

Fire Protection

You’re responsible for keeping your property and your people safe.

If a fire occurs at your place of business, the lives of your employees, as well as customers you serve on site, are at risk. Not to mention your business could literally lose everything. And in a digital age, any crucial files or data stored on your computers and servers could be wiped out, too.

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