You’re responsible for keeping your property and your people safe.

If a fire occurs at your place of business, the lives of your employees, as well as customers you serve on site, are at risk. Not to mention your business could literally lose everything. And in a digital age, any crucial files or data stored on your computers and servers could be wiped out, too.

Fire Protection Columbia MO

Be prepared with a complete fire protection system from ACC.

ACC works directly with you to determine the best solution to monitor and protect your place of business to help counteract fire risks for businesses small and large.


Having a fire protection and monitoring system on your commercial property can:

  • Improve the safety of your employees and clients or customers.
  • Protect your commercial building, property and assets.
  • Immediately notify you and all necessary emergency response teams, in the event of a fire.
  • Work with your pre-existing fire, alarm or intrusion systems.


Our fire protection and monitoring systems allow you to:

  • Get immediate alert notifications when emergencies happen.
  • Access and operate your system from your computer or smartphone.
  • Receive on-site and phone technical support.
  • Maintain your system with Month-to-month system monitoring option.

Choose the certified & experienced team.

We’re certified in installing and monitoring the systems we provide. Our custom systems are backed by qualified professionals to give you the best protection possible.

You’ll also benefit from our annual testing services to ensure your fire protection system continues to provide the security you want and need.


Our thorough process is designed with safety in mind.

At ACC, we rely on a thorough process to arm you with a reliable commercial fire protection system.


During your free consultation, we take the time to explain our systems and how they work and strive to answer any and all of your questions.


2 We’ll prepare an estimate.


3 Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll arrange an installation time that works for you.


4 After installation, we program, test and verify your systems work properly and provide you with extensive hands-on training so you can use it with confidence.